Welcome to the Membership Renewal of the Fellowship of Christian Camps in BC for 2023.


The Fellowship of Christian Camps is just that, a fellowship of Christian Camps. Through encouragement to attend our annual conference, distribution of resource materials to member camps and their boards and provision of this website resource to help parents find camps for their children, FCC strives to be a fellowship. We feel that this fellowship is necessary because of the widespread geographical locations where our member camps find themselves and the unique bond we share in providing a Christian camp experience for children. 

It is essential that we receive this renewal of your camp's membership prior to the end of December, 2022!  

*Note that this year's membership will include a subscription to the CCCA's Insight magazine as long as your membership

is PAID IN FULL before January 1, 2023.  The Insight magazine is a $50 value, so don't miss out!

In addition to the membership renewal, we have added a few survey questions to help us serve you better.

Rates are set according to the size of your operating budget (not including Capital Projects). Rates are as follow:

<$250,000? Membership is $50 (less $10 Early Bird)

<$500,000? Membership is $150 (less $30 Early Bird)

<$750,000? Membership is $250 (less $40 Early Bird)

<$1,000,000? Membership is $350 (less $45 Early Bird)

>$1,000,000? Membership is $450 (less $50 Early Bird)

For more information including how to pay please follow the link to the form below.