BC CAmping confernce

JAN 29 - Feb 2,  2023

The BC Camping Conference is linked event, co- organized by the BC Camps Association (BCCA) and the Fellowship of Christian Camps (FCC). 

This annual gathering is for people passionate about camps in British Columbia. Every late January/ early February, 180 people from 40 member camps gather to share knowledge, swap stories, play together, and celebrate camping in British Columbia. 

From staff to board members, owners to operators, everyone is welcome to attend!

camping conference registration and early bird info




It is time to register for this year's BC Camping Conference! It is going to be an awesome time to meet up with friends from other camps, build new relationships, learn more about the ministry we all love, and have a ton of FUN! 

This year's conference will be LIVE and IN PERSON at Stillwood near Cultus Lake, BC!

The conference runs from 4:00 pm Monday, January 30 - Thursday, February 2 at noon.

The cost is just $349 per person for FCC member camps. Register by Friday, December 9 and SAVE $20 per person!

Please Note: All participants must register for this conference as individuals (You can't register as a group).


Introducing our Conference Keynote Speakers

sid koop

From camp speaker to local youth pastor to youth ministry professor, Sid draws from over 25 years of youth ministry experience. Sid Koop is the Executive Director of the Youth Worker Community where he and his team are dedicated to equipping, empowering, and relationally supporting youth workers to help the next generation know Jesus. YWC is shaping ministry to adolescents in Canada through Digital Resources, The Coalition, Youth Worker Training Events, and Youth Ministry Coaching, and Consulting, equipping and encouraging thousands of youth workers each year.  Currently, his "most important" contract is working for his wife at Green Bay Bible Camp as the Director of Leadership Development and Discipleship).

Dr. Chris Thurber

Dr. Christopher Thurber is a thought leader in positive youth development. He has dedicated his professional life to improving how caring adults teach and lead young people, as well as to enhancing the experience of adventurous youth who are spending time away from home. Dr. Thurber is leading a total of 4 sessions on Tuesday January 31st! To learn more about Dr. Thurber check out his website here


The BC Camping Conference: A ‘Linked Conference’ co-sponsored by the BCCA and FCC

As far as we know, the BC Camping Conference (BCCC) is unique in North America. It is a ‘linked conference,’ co-sponsored by the Fellowship of Christian Camps (FCC-BC) and the BC Camps Association (BCCA). The two organizations work together to create one event that serves the unique needs of both memberships.

The first joint conferences were held at Squeah (1995) and Kawkawa (1996). For a variety of reasons, the two organizations did separate conferences again in 1997, but participants missed being together. Further discussion led to the adoption of a new format format in 1998. The ‘linked conference’ has been very successful, and over the years, the BCCC has grown to include up to 180 delegates from 50 camps.

Throughout the 1980’s, Christian Camping International (CCI-BC) ran a thriving annual conference, but the BCCA Camping Conference was faltering. Just as it is today, the majority of BC’s Christian camps were also members of BCCA. Because budgets and time constraints are always tight, many camps felt that they couldn’t afford the time and expense to participate in two conferences. For a variety of reasons, a majority of those camps that were members of both organizations chose to attend the CCI-BC event and pass on the BCCA event. The executive of BCCA approached CCI-BC (now known as the FCC-BC) to see if the two organizations could join forces.

After much discussion and some trial and error, the idea of a ‘linked conference’ was born. Today, two representatives from BCCA and two representatives from FCC plus one representative from the host facility form the Conference Committee. The first 36 hours of the conference is run by the BCCA (they pick the speaker, set the content and hold their AGM) and the second 36 hours is run by the FCC (they pick the speaker, set the content and hold their AGM). The workshop tracks are organized by the committee, and except for a very small number of sessions aimed specifically at topics for Christian camps (still the bulk of the camps and delegates in attendance each year), the majority of the workshops have no faith content.


In this “linked” format, the BCCA serves its mandate and membership by providing inspirational and thoughtful speakers to challenge and equip those serving at their member camps (faith based or otherwise) while the FCC serves its mandate and membership by providing speakers to encourage and strengthen the faith of those serving at their member camps.


The change in style and content after the first three plenary sessions is by design, and it is understood to be a reflection of our decision to work together in a linked conference format. Typically delegates will grab a coffee and network if a particular session doesn’t interest them: there is always a lot to process and new people to get to know!


We have a great thing going between BCCA and FCC, and over the years we have built strong relationships with one another. 


The Conference Committee looks forward to having you join us this year as we celebrate camping in its various forms and work together to build vibrant and professional camping industry in BC!


–  Written by Paul Bailey