BC Camping Conference 2019 -  

Yo Yo! What's Up?

Expanding the Possibilities

"Expanding the Possibilities"

First off...  Thanks to the many volunteers who helped bring things together: Anthony Roper (sound), Abby Mcquarrie (photographer), Olivia Blakley (auction prep), Reid Nickerson (visual), Chris Burge (sound), Denny and David and the team at Stillwood (hosting), Graham and Aaron Ord (music), Homewood interns and Auxano students (childcare), Paul Chatterton (first aid), Lauren Marutt (BCCA staff), Sam Conway (BCCA staff, auction prep),  the conference committee (Justin Denny, Paul Bailey, Kristen Hyodo, Lauren Marghetti and Dave Horton) and finally YOU!!  To all those who attended we hope that you enjoyed your time and were able to connect, grow and expand your possibilities moving forward!  


Next year’s conference will be held February 3rd - 6th, 2020, at Stillwood Camp and Conference Centre. Registration will open in the fall.

To read the FCC Newsletter all about the happenings at the Conference click here!

BCCA Keynote Speaker: Beth Allison   

Our keynote, Beth Allison also passed along a letter she wanted to share with you! Please have a look.